Some people on here are truly psycho. They will send you hate mail, follow you on every other social website and stalk you. Like get a life.

Hey! I was looking at pictures of tongue web piercings on here and I came across yours. I've fallen really, really hard in love with them and I want to get mine done. I don't know anyone personally who has their frenulum pierced to talk to about it so I was hoping I could talk to you about it? haha

Ahhh you should get it, it’s so pointless but I love it lol and definitely! (:

sooo i stumbled across your tumblr lastnight because i searched "nipple piercings" and your picture popped up so i clicked on it and i just want to say you're absolutely stunning to me and since i don't have a tumblr i was hoping you'd kik me, id like to get to know you and all that. my kik is yesimjazziep

Dang I’m mad my picture out on Google like that D; but thank you ! & sure

You are ridiculously hot. Everywhere. Can I pick a spot on you that what I said isn't true? Nope. Hott. Not a stalker, just a guy recognizing a few of your talents and gifts....just a few. You are next level sexy. Rock on, do your thang.

Lol thank you